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June 04, 2004
This will be my last entry into my book of bloggs.

I really just wnated to put down some thoughts on the overall e-learning experience of the subject - not just hte course which I have compelted online.

As I have indicated in my last few blogg entries, this is my first exposure to e-learning and I have found it to be a very interesting exercise.

There are just so many ways that e-learning can be use within organisations like mine - it is just a matter of convincing the big people that we need to invest money to make money. I feel that this would be appropriate to use as part of blended learning as it will engage the learners in a different way. It would and could address many learning styles that typically are seen as unimportant. From a trainers perspective, I feel that this is really the way to go moving ahead.

I am very intersted to see how big e-learning becomes. Personally, I can see so much of what we teach in the classroom being available to learners in this context.

It has been interesting writing this blogg. My only probelm is that I kep forgetting to record thoughts on e-learning and then had to scramble at the end to make sure that Ihad posted some entries. This in itself will become more widely used in future learning.

Until another time ......
Putting the finishing touches to my report which is due to be submitted today.

The e-learning course that I did - French Steps was very good. I didn't quite know what to expect but I found it to be very stimulating visually as well as the hearing and doing features. I was kept interested in the material by the way it was presented to me and I found it to be at a basic level which is just where I fitted in.

I could stop and start it at any time and I could pick what I wanted to complete. I even gave the Fast track a go and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I actually knew more French than I thought I did.

I am glad I did something like this which was a course of interest to me outside of work.

Have spent some time looking at the evaluation form in the activity booklet to make sure that I am on track with what I need to submit in my report. There are some areas that are not applicable to French Steps and some that were not even addressed by the learning company.

Overall, I would rate this an a very good course. It had a high level of interactivity and was never easy to navigate. I was able to move at my own pace and comfort level. I found it to be a useful and practical course to help me in my pursuit to learn a language.

The course was exactly what it stated - basic language in easy steps.

Until next time .....

May 28, 2004
I have been very slack over the last few weeks - I cannot even give an excuse to say why I have not blogged other than I have forgotten!

I missed the last class due to my daughter being very ill with a high fever and needing/wanting mummy - she is only 2 and 1/2 mind you. She is since over the lurgie - not the last one for the season I bet.

I was very pleased with the feedback that I received on the second assignment. I found this to be an interesting exercise as to what organisations have actually done and what food for thought they give to us all. It would be very interesting to be a fly on the wall in some of these organisations to see if this was how smoothly the overall process actually was.

My online course is very good. I am quite surprised how much French I actually remember. Making sure that I follow the evaluation guideline/suggestion as far as how the course has met my expectations etc. Being on the BBC website, one would think that it is of a high level and a good quality product - which it is!

I am just about to go onto UTS online to see if there are any new postings from my colleagues that I need to ponder before I give assignment 3 a bash.

Would like to say that I am going to produce to least one blog - but I cannot promise that - and I don't like to break promises!

Until next time ......

May 05, 2004
Well I submitted assessment task 2 on time which is always a good thing! I fond this to be a very interesting assignment as e-learning is very new to me and my organisation is about to take the big step down that path.

I found the case studies to be very informative and the way that they provided lessons learned and how they tackled issues was very beneficial to my understanding of the whole e-learning process.

My French lessons are a bit slow to be honest. I really need to make the time to sit down and get online when the kids are in bed or when Hayley is at daycare. I am looking forward to seeing whether the course will live up to my expectation of speaking fluent french after 6 hours of online leanring!!! Only joking!!Now that would be a great course ....

This is my obvious focus over the next few weeks. Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the 15th of May - our last session for the subject. Will now go and look at UTSonline as well.

Until next time....
April 27, 2004
It has been a few weeks since I posted anything on blogger so I am now trying to make amends.

Tonight I am going to log onto UTS online and work on some areas that Anne has posted.

I have found a great course that teaches French online. Looking forward to starting this as I have been given the go ahead. Tried it out last week and it is amazing what I can remember from Year 7 French classes!

Putting the finishing touches to the second assignment which is due this Friday. This has been an interesting exercise that has given a god insight into what companies are doing out there. I hope that I hit the mark with the assessment task.

Until next time ....
April 03, 2004
Here are some thoughts about module 2 as per Blogging questions that
Anne suggested we consider:

What are important issues that organisations need to consider when implementing eLearning strategies?

* I think that they need to consider whether there is need for the strategy and also that the program is relevant. You would also need to look at the audience, how much time you have to design and create the eLearning program. Budget constraints would also be something to consider.

How do I feel about the eLearning journey I am about the embark on .....

* I am looking forward to locating an completing an online course. Bit unsure about the report that I need to complete.

Until next time ...... EL
April 02, 2004
Back at uni tomorrow for our second session which I am looking forward to as we are going to start looking at the actual courses that we will enrol in and complete and the evaluate.
I have started receiving more eZines and newsletters which I am reading about. All very interesting as I have said before this is my first taste of e Learning so it is all new to me.
That's about all - next time I blog I will make some comments abot what I have been reading and also my thoughts on tomorrow's day at uni.
March 26, 2004
Thanks for inviting me to your blog Elizabeth!
I promise not to write all over it !
Anne BB

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