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March 26, 2004
Thanks for inviting me to your blog Elizabeth!
I promise not to write all over it !
Anne BB
March 25, 2004
Have spent the last few days locating sites for newsletters and eZines worth subscribing to. Lots of junk and lots of eZines that are charging which I am steering clear of.

I will now submit my details to Anne as the first assignment is due tomorrow 26/3.

I am starting to receive actual newsletters and emails which will be interesting to read and research furter.
Until next time .....
March 22, 2004
I haven't logged into Blogger.com since our lecture at uni so I thought that I had better get my act togeher and add some thoughts/notes on
the subject.
Anne has also given us a few questions to ponder over that will help guide my thinking and blogging.
I have an assignment due this week that I need to email back to Anne. This is very straight forward and should not pose any problems (I hope).
I have also started to think about the short on line course that I will be taking - something around lanuages has stuck with me so I might investigate that a bit further.
The first question that Anne has asked us to think about it what do we expect from an e-learning course. My response to this is I expect this to be a visual experience - one that enhances my learning by addressing most of my senses (which I feel that it will do - 3 at least). More on this later.
The second question that Anne posed was what are yout negative thoughts about e-learning? I am very much a facilitator led learner. I love the interaction with other people and having someone there at the fron of the room who can answer my questions as they pop into my head. I also like getting feedback which I don't know how frequent that is with e learning. Again, I will post more on this later as my e learning experience evolves.
March 06, 2004
New subject - this is my first time on blogger.com
Uni course subject looks good. Lots of new words and terminology that sound interesting. Am looking forward to the readings and looking at UTSOnline.

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