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April 27, 2004
It has been a few weeks since I posted anything on blogger so I am now trying to make amends.

Tonight I am going to log onto UTS online and work on some areas that Anne has posted.

I have found a great course that teaches French online. Looking forward to starting this as I have been given the go ahead. Tried it out last week and it is amazing what I can remember from Year 7 French classes!

Putting the finishing touches to the second assignment which is due this Friday. This has been an interesting exercise that has given a god insight into what companies are doing out there. I hope that I hit the mark with the assessment task.

Until next time ....
April 03, 2004
Here are some thoughts about module 2 as per Blogging questions that
Anne suggested we consider:

What are important issues that organisations need to consider when implementing eLearning strategies?

* I think that they need to consider whether there is need for the strategy and also that the program is relevant. You would also need to look at the audience, how much time you have to design and create the eLearning program. Budget constraints would also be something to consider.

How do I feel about the eLearning journey I am about the embark on .....

* I am looking forward to locating an completing an online course. Bit unsure about the report that I need to complete.

Until next time ...... EL
April 02, 2004
Back at uni tomorrow for our second session which I am looking forward to as we are going to start looking at the actual courses that we will enrol in and complete and the evaluate.
I have started receiving more eZines and newsletters which I am reading about. All very interesting as I have said before this is my first taste of e Learning so it is all new to me.
That's about all - next time I blog I will make some comments abot what I have been reading and also my thoughts on tomorrow's day at uni.

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