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May 28, 2004
I have been very slack over the last few weeks - I cannot even give an excuse to say why I have not blogged other than I have forgotten!

I missed the last class due to my daughter being very ill with a high fever and needing/wanting mummy - she is only 2 and 1/2 mind you. She is since over the lurgie - not the last one for the season I bet.

I was very pleased with the feedback that I received on the second assignment. I found this to be an interesting exercise as to what organisations have actually done and what food for thought they give to us all. It would be very interesting to be a fly on the wall in some of these organisations to see if this was how smoothly the overall process actually was.

My online course is very good. I am quite surprised how much French I actually remember. Making sure that I follow the evaluation guideline/suggestion as far as how the course has met my expectations etc. Being on the BBC website, one would think that it is of a high level and a good quality product - which it is!

I am just about to go onto UTS online to see if there are any new postings from my colleagues that I need to ponder before I give assignment 3 a bash.

Would like to say that I am going to produce to least one blog - but I cannot promise that - and I don't like to break promises!

Until next time ......

May 05, 2004
Well I submitted assessment task 2 on time which is always a good thing! I fond this to be a very interesting assignment as e-learning is very new to me and my organisation is about to take the big step down that path.

I found the case studies to be very informative and the way that they provided lessons learned and how they tackled issues was very beneficial to my understanding of the whole e-learning process.

My French lessons are a bit slow to be honest. I really need to make the time to sit down and get online when the kids are in bed or when Hayley is at daycare. I am looking forward to seeing whether the course will live up to my expectation of speaking fluent french after 6 hours of online leanring!!! Only joking!!Now that would be a great course ....

This is my obvious focus over the next few weeks. Looking forward to catching up with everyone on the 15th of May - our last session for the subject. Will now go and look at UTSonline as well.

Until next time....

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